Andy Badolato is a con-artist

He is now pitching are raising money from private investors for a company called The USA Exchange, Inc.  He is promising huge yields of return when the company merges with a pink sheet shell. Investors are promised that they will be able to cash out their investment and keep their shares or part of them. The USA Exchange was supposed to go public in January 2016. So far is July 2016 and there is no clear chance of that happening.

According to public records, this guy Andy Badolato is a con-artist. Has filed personal bankruptcies at least 2, perhaps 3 times and has a long history of legal disputes (at least 23 public cases of lawsuits against him for fraud, breach of contract and others on and unpaid debts including judgments and lawsuits against him from the IRS. Claims of child molestation, employee sexual harassment and his Florida home is currently in foreclosure (May 2016), Also, there is at least already one lawsuit and judgement against his new scam USA Exchange Inc. in the Florida Courts by a vendor named Kappa East which he did not pay.

According to publicly available records, he had been involved in several pink sheet frauds and in bribery cases involving a company called Renewable Corporation, Inc. OTC:IBOT.